Jason + Jordan + Moses

Last week I got to go home to Washington to see some of my favorite people! One of the hardest parts about living a plane ride from your family is missing the day-to-day moments. But I never thought it would be as hard until my sister had a little bebe of her own. Now it seems like in just a day I miss a whole lot more. But the 5 days at home were well spent soaking up all the time I could get with my nephew, Moses. Some things about him at 9 months: He has two little front teeth, loves to sing and dance, says 'dada" freely but laughs when you try and get him to say 'mama' (no offense Jord he's still obsessed with you), loves meat and bread... standard, likes the color red, is left handed, shares everything with his brother Walle the Bernese, and has one of the best laughs I've ever heard.

Here are some snaps in the Ace Hotel in Portland...Moses got hot and bothered by all the photos taken and had to go shirtless at the end

can't wait to play in the sand with all you in Hawaiiiii in just a month!!