Kitale, Kenya

May 23, 2016 

After my team boarded the plane to fly back home, I got on a separate flight to Kenya. I spent two more weeks in a town called Kitale. I was staying with some friends from school at Sammy Hammork's house. Five years ago, Sammy started Precious Kids Center which is now a home for over forty kids with disabilities. The center, now also a school, provides rehabilitation, education, food, and loving care to these children. I was blown away by what Sammy has done in just five short years. She exudes selflessness unconditionally and her heart pours out for not only the children at PKC but those in the community as well. I'm so thankful for the opportunity I had to witness the incredible work Sammy is doing in Kitale and hangout with her amazing kids. It's hard for me to put into words the way these kids impacted me. Regardless of many of their conditions, they are loving and fearless and joyful and not afraid to express their quirks. To read more about what Sammy is doing and the stories of each one of the kids click here . Here are a collection of photos I took at PKC!