Solo Exhibition 

2018 | Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, CA 


miles south


I drove the whole coast home to Washington once,

Then my dad and I drove it back in my Volvo 240.

The landscapes change,

I do too.


I have found my work to be a window, an outlet to see with more intent.

It has allowed me to reflect and slow down,

to have eyes that see more abundantly what can be overlooked.

In these four years, the idea of home achieved new meaning for me.


The movement brought uncertainty and a lack of clarity,

but also moments of stillness.

Gradually it came together and brought a new purity of mind.

The change often brought discomfort but lead to growth and transformation.


Through these miles I’ve been learning to adapt,

living in the space between knowing and not,

and learning to move in that space graciously,

cultivating patience while the unpredictability yields new affection and discernment.


This show is a revelatory process of seeking and understanding home

in its varying perceptions,

from the literal to the metaphorical personification of it.

And allowing others to respond to where they feel it too.


These works are a composite of the miles taken from then to now.