Nature, Nurture

With this photo narrative, we would love to shed light on the parallels between physical growth in nature and internal growth in the human heart. To honor the beauty of the process, which leads to transformation, we are illustrating a few defining moments necessary for transcendent freedom. Colors can evoke unique emotional responses in all of us. In five stages, color and flowers help create an external reflection of internal responses in our friend Katra. We initially felt inspired to tell ‘someone else’s’ story, derived from an outsider’s perspective. Over the course of six months, we created together and felt the message of each stage deeply connect within in our lives.

Easton & Joely

Stage 1- Pink illustrates a soft naivety and shyness in one’s early stages of maturity.

Stage 2- Green brings growth to mind. Feelings of awe and wonder arise, as a heart is open to learning and reaching for more.

Stage 3- Blue creates calmness in us. A cool stream brings renewal. Rest is essential.

Stage 4- like the Earth we feel stable, grounded and strong; a steadfast spirit.

Stage 5-Multicolored. We are limitless. With all colors we live without inhibition.